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Product Designer (UX/UI) Apprenticeship



Product, Design
Toronto, ON, Canada · Toronto, ON, Canada · Ontario, Canada
Posted on Friday, June 7, 2024
This is a remote position.

Join SkillHat's Tech Career Accelerator as a Product Designer (UX/UI) Apprenticeship!

Are you a recent graduate of Product Design (UX/UI), eager to kick-start your career in tech but struggling to land your first job? SkillHat's free 9-week Tech Career Accelerator is designed to bridge the gap between learning and real-world application, empowering you to transform your education into tangible projects and industry connections.

Why Join?

Project-Based Learning: Work collaboratively on real applications alongside a full team of industry experts, gaining hands-on experience in a team setting.

Build and Launch Actual Products: Move beyond simulations to develop and deploy real-world applications that solve genuine problems.

Enhance Your Portfolio: Showcase your skills through project work, providing valuable evidence of your capabilities to potential employers.

Grow with Mentorship: Learn from seasoned professionals and senior designers, receiving guidance and support as you work on your projects.

This program is free, but spaces are limited!

Requirements Who Are We Looking For?

We're seeking aspiring Product Designers who have completed their training but are struggling to secure their first tech job. If you're eager to apply your design skills in a practical, team-based environment, we want to hear from you.

Don't let the gap between training and employment hold you back. Join SkillHat's Tech Career Accelerator and take the first step towards launching your dream career in tech!

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