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We are a community of racialized people pursuing entrepreneurship and innovation in Canada. We support our members access relevant resources, opportunities and networks to thrive. What if more racialized people worldwide had the knowledge, resources, and tools to succeed as entrepreneurs and innovators? What if racialized people had access to a global network of resources, opportunities and networks that could support them and turn their ideas into reality? What if racialized people were at the forefront of entrepreneurship and innovation globally? And what if these supports were shared by us, for us? We believe our potential to succeed is infinite when we nurture the power of community. We have the ability to do anything, be anywhere, and we know what it takes to raise a successful entrepreneur and innovator. It takes a village to raise an entrepreneur.

Empowering vulnerability, authenticity and honesty through provoking perspective from everyday individuals.

African Village | Bar & Grill is a vibrant and lively restaurant that offers a unique dining experience inspired by the rich flavors and traditions of African cuisine. Our menu features a variety of authentic dishes from different regions of Africa, in...

The African Women's Innovation of Leadership and Learning (AWILL) is a dynamic organization dedicated to uplifting African women through education, skill development, and leadership training, deeply rooted in the principles of Ubuntu and African Indigenous Knowledge. AWILL is committed to fostering a more equitable and prosperous future for Black and African women globally and extending its reach to BIPOC communities and newcomers in Canada.

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AfriDish is a technology platform (B2B) powering the African food industry in Canada, we provide tech solutions for African food entrepreneurs, chefs, and brands to grow their businesses. The African food industry in Canada is growing fast, creating a high demand for digital tools and services for African food businesses to take advantage of and become World-Class Brands. Our E-commerce platform with inbuilt Saas Tools (CRM) will enable African food businesses, chefs, Restaurants, and brands to sell their products to millions of customers while managing their businesses effectively. Our Marketplace provides high visibility and traffic for your food business. You can chill and make profits while AfriDish takes care of your business. We are a highly efficient team, and we aim to help grow the African food industry in Canada. We have tools that will help you manage your business effectively. Visit our "For Businesses" section to learn more.

Afrifursa’s mission is to provide insight into African business, culture and society and to encourage global citizens and organizations to participate in equitable opportunities of exchange with Africa. Afrifursa does this by facilitating timely conversations with diverse stakeholders, highlighting Diasporans who are successfully engaged in opportunities in Africa and focusing on cities as essential ecosystems for engaging with Africa.

Afrobeats Central is a creative company based in Toronto, Canada. We are dedicated to promoting African music, art, style and innovation in all its forms. We believe in fostering a deep appreciation for artistic expression and providing a platform for ...

Afrobeats Snacks: Savor the Flavor of Africa At Afrobeats Snacks, we celebrate the rich tapestry of African culinary heritage through our delectable and inspired snacks. Our company is a passionate fusion of the love for snacking and the vibrancy of African flavors. Our Offerings Indulge your taste buds in a symphony of flavors as we bring you a diverse range of snacks crafted with care and authenticity. From savory to sweet, each bite is a journey through the tastes and traditions of Africa. Global Reach Afrobeats Snacks takes pride in sharing the joy of our snacks not only across Canada but also on the international stage. Our snacks have found homes in the hearts and hands of snack enthusiasts worldwide. Quality Manufacturing Every Afrobeats snack is meticulously crafted with the finest ingredients, ensuring a perfect blend of taste, quality, and authenticity. We prioritize excellence in manufacturing to deliver a snack experience that delights and satisfies. A Culinary Adventure Explore the bold and dynamic flavors of Africa through our snacks. Whether you're craving a savory crunch or a sweet escape, Afrobeats Snacks invites you to embark on a culinary adventure that transcends borders. Join Us on the Journey Discover the joy of snacking with Afrobeats Snacks. As we continue to grow and share our passion for African-inspired flavors, we invite you to savor the experience and become a part of our global snacking community. Welcome to Afrobeats Snacks, where every snack tells a story, and every bite celebrates culture and taste. This role is funded, in part, by the Black Founders Network (BFN) Career Advancement Program supported by the Ministry of Citizenship & Multiculturalism and their Black Youth Action Plan (BYAP) which works towards eliminating systemic, race-based disparities by increasing opportunities for Black youth across the province. Therefore, to be eligible for this role, applicants must self-identify as Black, be between 18 – and 35 years old, be based in Ontario, and register to join the BFN Talent Network (click here to register).

Afrocart is to connect buyers and sellers of Africa products around the world. Afrocart serves as a digital middlemen, ensuring buyers get a choice in what they would like to buy and sellers get a variety of customers to sell to.

Afterdata is the full-service data modelling company powered by knowledge graphs and driven by a mission for organizational data literacy.

At Agnosys Health, our mission is to make healthcare easily accessible and convenient for you by bringing care directly to your home. We believe in reorganizing the way care is delivered, putting people at the center of everything we do. Our goal is to eliminate barriers that stand in the way of accessing healthcare, ensuring that you receive the care you need in a seamless and comfortable manner. With our client-focused approach, we strive to provide a positive and empowering healthcare experience for all.